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4 Ways Seniors Can Harness Social Media for Improved Mental Health

@ 5:28 AM on August 24, 2023

These days, social media isn’t just for chatting with friends and family. It’s a treasure trove of learning, engaging, and connecting possibilities. For our older folk in senior living homes especially, it can be an uplifting experience that helps to enhance their mental health situation immensely. So let’s dive deeper into four creative ways seniors […]

The Advantages of Social Media When Looking To Your Health and Wellness

@ 11:26 AM on January 11, 2020

You can blame social media for a lot of things. You can blame it for misinformation. You can blame it for distraction and strife and stress. But you can also use social media to your advantage. And especially if you’re trying to determine positive health and wellness options, you can decide how to filter out […]

5 Ways Social Media Creates Social Pressure

@ 11:27 AM on September 16, 2019

Social media has become more than just a place to share a few photos of your dinner and laugh at funny memes. In many ways, social media drives the way society sees itself and others. The power of social media is unrivaled, and as a result, so is the pressure that it can put on […]

TMS Health Solutions Offers New Therapy Options for Treatment and Medication Resistant Depression

@ 5:22 PM on April 16, 2019

Clinical depression is a serious medical disorder in America and across the globe. It is more than just sadness as some people may assume. Clinical depression has symptoms that can often be overlooked, but these signs might be signals of a serious mental health issues that can be addressed. Some of the symptoms include anxiety, […]

Link round-up: How to boost your curb appeal

@ 11:28 AM on March 20, 2019

It’s one of those phrases which is quite often associated with people who are looking to sell their home, but as it turns out curb appeal is something that can appeal to anyone. Curb appeal is something that can transform the first impressions that people have of your home – and this is enough for […]