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It’s one of those phrases which is quite often associated with people who are looking to sell their home, but as it turns out curb appeal is something that can appeal to anyone.

Curb appeal is something that can transform the first impressions that people have of your home – and this is enough for a lot of homeowners to take some serious action.

This action can be summarized in a collection of links we have put together today. Here are some of the best links we have found when it comes to getting the most out of your home from a curb appeal perspective.

Flowers can make all the difference

First and foremost, let’s talk about flowers. Sure, if you can plant them in the garden, you’re onto a real winner. However, for most of us, it’s just about placing them indoors, in a visible window. They can be seen from the outside – and they immediately give a sense that your home is something special.

Of course, for the purposes of making an impression, there are good and bad flowers. This first link comes from BHG and shows some of the best blooming house plants. In other words, those bold blooms that can really capture attention from the outdoors.

As a bonus tip, there’s also a link to Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers has a whole host of inspiration on social media and for the time being at least, there quite a few Avas Flowers coupons which allow you to try their service without spending quite as much money.

Placing all of your attention on your front garden

If you’ve performed any sort of research on curb appeal before, you’ll know all about how your garden matters. It’s the thing that captures the most attention from the curb, and therefore needs as much emphasis as possible.

This link from Ideal Home summarizes some of the best garden ideas. The thing we liked the most about this link was the fact that it was so varied; some tips were about creating a symmetrical path in your garden, while others were all about achieving a country look. Cherry pick the ones that work the best for your front garden.

A front door doesn’t have to be boring

This next link from Real Homes takes a look at front doors, which are another key component of curb appeal. Again, it’s one of the big focal points when someone approaches your home.

This page highlights that front doors don’t really have to be boring. It collates all different types; some are bold and yellow, while others might be more contemporary and take advantage of glazing. It opens your eyes to all the possibilities that your front door can bring.

The same rules apply with the color of your home

In some areas of the world all homes are white, in others they might just be brick.

However, what if you were going to go against the grain of your region? Granted, some of you might be restricted under local rules which will not permit you to paint the exterior of your home, but those of you who aren’t should take a look at this page. The Spruce has taken a look at no fewer than ten different paint colors for the outside of your home, and they all make a difference in their own way. Some are able to achieve a traditional look, while others have been used to create the most chic and contemporary appearance going. It’s well worth a look.

The forgotten room; the garage

For a lot of people, the garage is something of a junk room. The problem is, it’s one that’s often very prominent from the street, meaning that it can make a monumental difference when it comes to getting your curb appeal right.

This page from Bob Vila takes a look at a case study of a garage makeover and shows how it impacts curb appeal. Unsurprisingly, the case study in question ticks a lot of boxes, but it will hopefully give you food for thought if you are considering such a project.

And if your budget is low…

Finally, if your budget is on the low side, here are a collection of 39 tips from Buzzfeed about how to make the difference with curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Some of these will take into account other suggestions that we have spoken about today. For example, in the case of a new door, you don’t necessarily have to go to the expense of buying one. If you turn to tip #3, the article tells you the best way to tackle painting your storm door on your own. It’s these little hacks that will save you a fortune, but transform your curb appeal at the same time.

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