TMS Health Solutions Offers New Therapy Options for Treatment and Medication Resistant Depression

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Clinical depression is a serious medical disorder in America and across the globe. It is more than just sadness as some people may assume. Clinical depression has symptoms that can often be overlooked, but these signs might be signals of a serious mental health issues that can be addressed. Some of the symptoms include anxiety, a feeling of constant loss or emptiness, lack of pleasure from daily living, sleeping disturbance, and severe symptoms can be thoughts of suicide. Researchers have been delving into ways to help fight the battle and bring relief to individuals who suffer from this disorder. There are many treatment options available that can be explored, so if one method does not work, there are others to step to.

A common treatment for this disease is antidepressant medications. There are several well-known brands of this form of medicine and some new manufacturers also. With prescription drugs, there are often side effects to consider, such as increase in weight, upset stomach, unusual wakefulness, and some may experience disruption with intimacy. Some of the severe side effects can be life threatening, such as damage to the liver and increased suicidal tendencies. Often medication is coupled with therapy. Therapist can chart the patient’s reaction to the medication and see if a dosage change might be in order or switching the medication all together.

Another treatment method for treating many forms of depression is therapy with a licensed behavioral therapist. There are other types of therapist that can help, depending upon the issues. For example, cognitive therapists can help patients with performance issues while interpersonal-behavioral therapist can help deal with interaction problems, and a psychotherapist is trained in patient analysis.

An innovative therapy is being used by TMS Health Solutions, and it does not involve medication or talking face-to-face with another person. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy is a revolutionary way of stimulation. It is performed on the outside of the head, and it helps individuals who have not received any relief from medications or medicine-resistant individuals. For these people, there is no symptom relief with prescription drugs, so an alternative therapy is needed.

TMS Health Solutions uses Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS, which emits electromagnetic waves to specific areas of the scalp. The treatment is often near the frontal part of the head, but is used elsewhere. This form of electromagnetic therapy has been approved by the FDA, and it is being shown to be very tolerable for many patients that could not take the antidepressants.

The treatment sessions are rather quick compared to medication and talk therapy. Medications often have to be taken for weeks before there is any noticeable change. Another stark difference between prescriptions and the treatment at TMS Health Solutions is the TMS is localized, whereas medications need to be ingested and then circulate through the liver and entire body. Traditional therapy programs have been known to take months and in some situations, it can take years. At TMS Health Solutions the process can run anywhere from one to two months. A person will go to the therapy every day, and the sessions can take anywhere from half to one hour. After the treatment, the individual has no restrictions and can go back to work or family life without any side effects or downtime. Some of the side effects reported with the electromagnetic therapy have been discomfort in areas of the scalp and some headaches.

Clinical depression can be a debilitating and often deadly disease if left untreated. With today’s modern innovative therapy, there are many options for patients it all age ranges and effective focused towards each problem. Mental health issues should be discussed with your family physician or therapist along with treatment options that may include medication, traditional types of therapy, and now Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS.


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