How Electricians Install a Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Electrical Outlet

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In this age of technology, installing outlets has become mandatory. Without enough outlets, we can incredibly fail in plugging in our appliances and giving them the electric juice which they require to operate. However, just as much as installing electric outlets are essential so is the fact that your home aesthetics should never be compromised. Thanks to pop up electric outlets, we can now conceal them in an inconspicuous way so they don’t damage our home environment. 

Searching for a practical or clever way to add or install outlets within your kitchens? Pop-up outlets are the perfect solution. Not only are they perfectly concealed but can only be accessed when you want them to pop up. If you’re tired of seeing those outlets damaging the appearance of your kitchen wall aesthetics, say goodbye to those eyesores once and for all. If you’re located in Vancouver, then it’s time to call an electric contractor in Vancouver to help you get the best pop up electrical outlet. 

So without further ado, let’s explore how electricians install countertop pop up electrical outlets. 

How Pop Up Electrical Outlets are Installed by Electricians? 

The installation of a pop up electrical outlet in a kitchen is a relatively easier process. It all begins with an electrician cutting an opening within the kitchen rack in a specified location where the outlet can be installed. Once, properly cut, the electrician will then place a pop up electrical outlet in the freshly cut opening. After installing the pop up electric outlet, it will securely install it in place so it doesn’t malfunction. In the final phase of the installation, the electrician will connect the outlet with the necessary wires and draw the electric lines right up to the electrical circuit. Before you know it, it will start working. 

If you use multiple appliances at the same time in your kitchen, then add more pop up outlets. If you are running heavy appliances, then don’t forget to add circuit breakers so in case of excessive use, the breaker might trip and save your appliance instead. Whether or not you will be requiring an extra circuit for the installation, this will be updated to you by your electrician. Based on your requirement, your electrician will install the additional circuits depending on how much electricity your appliances will draw. 

However, it is best advised that you use a few appliances at the same time and see whether the circuit breaker trips or not. If it doesn’t, then it’s possibly because your circuit breaker has a high ampere.  

Where to Place Electrical Outlets Within your Kitchen? 

One of the most important decisions which you may have to make when installing a pop up electrical outlet is deciding which is the best location to install it in your kitchen. Countertops are generally the best places to install pop-up outlets in your kitchen because it’s where you will be generally using most of your electrical appliances such as your air fryer, beater, crusher, grinder, sandwich makers, microwaves, etc. 

Always make sure your electrical outlets are well spaced so you can keep all your appliances together. 

Why Shouldn’t You Install One Yourself? 

Electric works can be fatal. It is why it requires an expert’s intervention. When people don’t pay close attention to electrical setups and when they install it without paying consideration to the risk & threats it poses, they often end up getting electrocuted. Besides, installing an outlet by oneself without the intervention of an expert can often lead to incorrect installation of the outlet which can end up short-circuiting your entire wiring in the kitchen. So instead of a small installation job, you might’ve to end up paying a great deal to get a new electrical wiring setup in the kitchen. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything you need to know before installing electrical outlets within your kitchen. Pop out electrical outlets are a safe and a decor friendly option. 

If you haven’t considered installing one at your premises as of yet, now might be the time to reconsider. 

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