What Paint Colors Are the Best for Setting the Perfect Zen Room

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Who doesn’t love to come back home after a long tiring day and find absolute comfort and the perfect peace of mind? I know I do and I believe you like to experience the same thing as well. When designing a room to help you vent and meditate, it is important that you should know what kind of furniture will go best. If you’re more of an avid reader, then you would want to install a bookshelf and get a couch to make your comfort zone. If you like to play video games or watch movies, you will require to install a home entertainment setup. And to compliment everything, you need to make sure your room has the perfect paint color. for your wall, there’s a high chance that you may end up creating the zen room that you always yearned for. Are you living in Vancouver? then only the best painting company in the Vancouver area can make the perfect suggestion. But here are a few colors that I believe you should consider before hiring. 

Today, I am going to list down the five best colors and discuss their properties. After reading my article, I am sure you will understand which color holds the most value and how it can compliment your room. 

Icy Blue

Want to give your room a calm presence? Choose icy blue for your walls. They not only provide you the perfect soothness, but blue is the color of stability and reliability. If your room has icy blue color, it talks more about your personality as a stable person. Another great property of the icy blue color is that it induces high levels of productivity. If there are those days when you bring some work back at home and you don’t want to put your zen environment at risk, icy blue color will give you the perfect relaxation so you can work overtime. However, when choosing blue, make sure that it isn’t dark or navy blue as it can inspire sadness in your personality as well. A light shade of blue paint color is the best fit for your walls. 

Khaki Green

Green is the color of nature and when you are out and about in nature filled environments, you get an immense natural energy that calms your mind and energizes your body. Same goes for your body when you choose the Khaki green color for your home walls. Getting a Khaki green color done at your home will bring the essence of nature out into your rooms. It is more of an absorbent color which absorbs all the negative vibes and the bad feelings which you develop all throughout your tiring day. Green also creates a sort of a greenhouse effect in your room so when you place plants, they will have a better growth. Green not only evokes a positive feeling, but it also instills optimism which you feel when you see plants. 

Soft Brown or Soft Black

While many don’t agree with going with a black theme for their zen rooms, I believe soft black or soft brown have a very invigorating effect on your mental peace. Soft black can bring the perfect level of calm and soothness to your mind. It is one of the highly popular colors especially when it comes to interior decor. Soft black brings the class out in your room. It makes your room feel more intimate and cozy. Same goes for the soft color brown. While black exudes power, brown exudes homliness. It inspires the feeling of nature just as much as the green. The earthy tone of light brown has a very nurturing quality. It gives your walls the sandy look and effect making your home look more cozier and natural. 

Light Pink 

Do you have a feminine side? Well even if you don’t but you want to invoke it, light pink color for your wall is the best color for you. The color pink creates a sense of loyalty. It is a simple color which adds simplicity to your interior decor. Pink can inspire happiness, it can bring the feeling of love in your heart. Baby pink has many qualities but one that surpasses is that pink can bring sweetness. It can add tranquility and make your entire room a bunk of relaxation. It brings the baby out in you so you can have refreshing vibrancy and the perfect delicateness of enjoyment when resting in your rooms.

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