Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Security Business

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Most people would prefer to avoid having to deal with crime. Even the most skilled theft defense lawyer in Boulder, or anywhere else, would enjoy some time not having to deal with the law, so if you’ve got a budding security business, you should have no shortage of potential clients for your services. The question is, how can you get your brand in front of their eyes? 

How do you make them aware of your business and start bringing in those sales? How do you keep them coming back for repeat business? It all starts with a clever marketing plan, and for a security company, there are definitely some particulars you’ll need to be aware of.

First, let’s talk about branding. Every business needs a look—their logo, their emblems, a visual aesthetic that you display to the public and potential clients. For a security company, your visuals should project strength, all while remaining distinctive, memorable, and clear.

Start by having a designer craft your logo and associated elements, and when you’ve reached something suitable, you can start updating your marketing materials and social profiles to match that aesthetic. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, because now you’re going to have to start coordinating your marketing collateral across all of your digital channels.

At minimum, your business should have a good website and few strong social media profiles. Much of what you do, in marketing, is getting people to check out the former so that they can see what you’re about and start buying your goods and services. They won’t want to stick around if your website is substandard, however, so make sure yours has at least the following:

  • About Us—This is where you talk about the history of your business, your ethos, your goals, and everything else that makes your company a relatable entity.
  • Services and Resources—Use this as the opportunity to show what it is that you offer and how your offerings differ from those of your competitors.
  • Testimonials and Referrals—Hopefully, you’ve left a trail of happy customers in your wake. Use this section of your website to feature their tales, and provide some “social proof” that you are a credible, competent, and trustworthy business.
  • Blog—A critical part of your content marketing strategy, your blog should establish you as an expert in your field while simultaneously serving as a draw for potential clients to visit your site. You can even use it to send out company info, news, etc.
  • Contact Us—Of course, all of your efforts would be for naught if your clients couldn’t reach out to you. Be sure to include contact details so you can start making deals.

As for your social media profiles, you should stick to a few best practices on those as well. Use social media to connect with prospective customers in real-time, while also helping your company stand out and driving as many as possible to your website. It won’t all come together overnight, but with consistent effort, you can execute on a marketing plan that truly works.

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