Key Fob Problems – Should I Replace or Repair?

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Key Fobs are one of the best things to have ever been invented. They’ve added a tonne of convenience to owning a car! You no longer have to shuffle around to find your car keys when you want to open your car or to start it! Just keep the Key Fob nearby, and you’ll be able to get in and start the car seamlessly!

However, there is one thing that’s different about these compared to the traditional keys. Traditional keys were pretty much “forever”, as long as you didn’t let them get damaged, you didn’t need to worry about replacing or repairing them! But since key fobs are electronic, they tend to run into their own fair share of problems from time to time. When you run into these problems, you might find yourself being confused and wondering what you’re supposed to be doing! Replace or repair?

Well, in this post, we’re going to be going over the most common Key fob problems that almost everyone goes through, and what you’re supposed to do in those situations to bring your key fob back to proper working order!

#1: The key fob is lost

This is one of the most common problems people go through. Because having a key fob instead of a key is so easy, it’s also just as easy to lose the keyfob too! You can easily drop it somewhere and not be able to retrieve it! Sadly, this isn’t an instance where you can repair your key fob, because you don’t have one to repair! In this case, you will have to have it replaced with another one! This is fairly easy to do, all you need to do is call Alabaster Locksmith Services, or any recommended locksmith services in your area, and have them come and replace your key fob for you! They’ll be able to reprogram you a new one! 

#2: The key fob is broken

If you’ve dropped your key fob, usually, it would be just fine as key fobs are fairly durable and don’t break very easily. However, it’s not impossible. They do tend to break! If you’ve noticed physical damage on your key fob, it’s best to have a locksmith take a look at it. If the damage isn’t extensive, they should be able to repair it for you right there! If it is, you might have to get it replaced!

#3: It’s intact, but isn’t working

If you’re pressing the buttons on your key fob, but notice that nothing’s happening, it’s possible that the battery of your keyfob has run out. The batteries in key fobs tend to last a very long time, but at some point, they’ll run out too. This happens when you’re noticing your key fob’s signal getting weaker and weaker and one day it just doesn’t work anymore. Even though it might feel like your key fob is gone for good, it isn’t! The repair is very quick and easy! The old battery just needs to be swapped out with a new one! And your key fob will function perfectly right away!

#4: A button has gone missing

Since there are a few buttons on a key fob, it’s possible that with rugged use, some of the buttons become dislodged, get damaged or simply fall out. If the damage isn’t too bad and you still have the damaged button, a locksmith should be able to repair it back to working condition. However, if the entire key fob is falling apart, it might be a good time to get a replacement! You can either get the replacement at your local locksmith’s office or order one online and have the locksmith reprogram it for you! Once it’s done, you’ll be able to use the new one just like you used the one that came with the car!

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