Cell Phones Help Students with Time Management and Problem Solving

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If you have a cell phone – and the numbers show that over 5 billion people own at least one – there is a chance that you have seen the dumb things that students have taken part in. With the prevalence of social media, it is almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything without seeing the impact that bored kids with cell phones can have.

But it is important to remember that a lot of those bored kids are students that are trying to better themselves with a proper education. And those cell phones can be an essential tool when it comes to aiding in their education.

Before we get further into the benefits of cell phones for students, it is important to know that those cell phones are now more affordably attained than ever before. Thanks to alternative carriers like Hello mobile or Mint Mobile, students can have more affordable access to the latest and greatest technology has to offer.

So, how can cell phones positively impact students? Here are just a few ways.

Managing Time

Let’s face facts: students are not the most responsible when it comes to managing their time. We have all heard the same story about projects or papers being due in just a few short hours as stressed out students attempt to get everything done in short order.

Thanks to cell phones, those same harrowed students can manage their time much better. Using clock, alarm, and calendar features on their phones allows them to set important reminders – like when a major project is due.

Find Instant Solutions

Being able to find information at a moment’s notice is an eternally helpful thing. Cell phones put information at our fingertips each and every time that we use it. For students, that can mean familiarizing themselves with a new area, especially if they are away from home for college.

Understanding where local gatherings are, where to find restaurants and hangouts, or how to get from place to place is incredibly valuable in new locations. Having a cell phone allows students to find the solutions to their problems sooner rather than later.

That can mean a world of difference when acclimating to a new school in a new place or simply finding out pieces of information that probably can’t and shouldn’t wait. Putting information at their fingertips allows students to be comfortable and confident even in areas that they have no level of familiarity with.


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