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When thinking about the progression of phones over the years, it can be pretty mind-boggling. For the younger generation, they have not experienced a time where cell phones were not only less prevalent but didn’t exist at all.

The older generation knows it all too well. Times when phones were stationary items in a home or office. Having to deal with local calling areas, the costs of long-distance phone calls, and connection fees are all things out of the Stone Age.

Now, you can have a phone in your pocket that allows you to communicate with literally anyone, anywhere in the blink of an eye at a rate that is probably more affordable than those old archaic phones were.

That is the beauty of cell phones. And even that has evolved exponentially. As technology has advanced, more affordable carriers have emerged, like Mint Mobile. Best of all, the Mint Mobile network relies on T-Mobile’s towers, meaning that the question “is Mint Mobile good?” is answered with a resounding “yes!”

Relatively Low Costs

Having a cell phone has never been this affordable. Not only do you get access to the device itself, you can get things like unlimited text, data, and voice minutes for just $40 depending on the carrier. Given the price of these things when they initially debuted, that’s a massive price drop.

In the past, you would have had to pay for long-distance and connection fees over a landline in addition to the other fees incurred through landline. Now, with cell phones, you can get everything in a neat, tidy package that covers all of your needs.

Instilling Responsibility

The statistics out there support the fact that we need to be promoting more responsible cell phone use. This is because younger and younger kids are gaining access to them. Instead of fighting that trend, making them responsible is the best way to go.

Using a cell phone for tracking purposes and in emergency situations is great for kids to use. Make sure there is no internet access on the phone as that can have some very serious implications if your impressionable kids are allowed to use the internet unfettered.


Giving your child the ability to text and call lets them experience the responsibility of a smartphone without giving them the access that they may not be ready for. This will help them understand how important the device is, how to take care of it, when to use it, etc. 

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