Types of Disabilities Common After a Car Accident

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Even minor car accidents can come with injuries, but those that are more severe can lead to various types of disabilities and trauma. These disabilities include physical, cognitive, mental, and developmental conditions that can last a lifetime. Here are the most common types of disability after a car accident. 

Temporary Disabilities

There are several disabilities that are only temporary, healing over an extended period of time. Those that come out of car accidents with these minor injuries are lucky compared to the others on this list. Minor whiplash, broken bones, and strained muscles can all cause temporary disability. 

Any of those three injuries may cause you to take time off work or stay in the hospital for a few days. You can seek compensation for these, with most medical bills being covered by insurance. In some cases, like a torn rotator cuff, you may no longer be able to lift more than 50 pounds. 

Permanent Disabilities

Unfortunately, permanent disabilities are far more common. These come in many forms, each with their limitations and struggles after recovery. Many cause extreme changes in lifestyle and require accommodation to continue working, with other challenged like needing legal aid when ADA violations arise. 

The most common disability comes from traumatic brain injury, leading to shifts in personality and mood as well as PTSD symptoms. Brain injury can reveal itself in minor ways that slowly escalate or lead to crippling mental and cognitive disabilities. 

Amputations are another common injury, which come with a host of issues as individuals learn to adapt without a limb. Amputees often need accommodation to continue working once the recovery process and physical rehabilitation are over. Prosthetics are often required to complete daily tasks. 

Spinal cord injuries are also common, which may simply lead to a lessened sense of feeling in the limbs or cause paralysis in more severe cases. Victims or regular and self-driving car accidents where spinal injury occurs often need a wheelchair for at least the recovery phase, if not for the rest of their lives. 

Reconstructive surgery is sometimes needed in conjunction with these injuries due to the severity of the accident. As the seriousness of the disability increases, intense physical and mental therapy is also vital while victims readjust to daily life. 

Seeking Compensation

Did you know that compensation can extend beyond the immediate accident? In the case of permanent disabilities, a person can seek compensation for their ongoing medical care and lifelong needs. That includes any loss of income, prosthetics, and therapies. 

You can also seek Social Security disability benefits for several permanent disabilities. While the definition under SS differs from insurance and legal terms, most individuals find that they can rely on these benefits for additional income to help make the transition after their accident smoother. 

While finances are important, it’s also essential that disabled victims surround themselves with a supportive group of friends and family during and after their recovery. Adjusting to life with a disability is challenging, but having help along the way can speed recovery and make returning to daily life less of a daunting task. 


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