The 5 Things You Need To Do To Make Your Content Stand Out

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Content is everywhere. If one thing is true of the internet, it’s that’s there is a lot of it out there. So simply having an online presence doesn’t mean that anyone is paying attention at all. So what we need to do is come up with a good strategy that allows your content to be as engaging as possible and stand out from the, very busy, crowd.

Make Your Content As Visual As Possible

One thing that we cannot emphasize enough is to make your content as visual as possible as if a potential customer is scrolling through online content, the last thing that is going to catch their attention is a dry, long wordy piece of text. So make it visual, images and videos are great even if they are accompanying a piece of text, or have you considered using something like an infographic to convey large amounts of info pictorially. 

Produce Content That Speaks To The Audience

People are not going to look at, read or listen to content that they are not interested in. So you have to find a way to make content that speaks not only to an audience but to an audience that is going to engage with your business and buy your products or services. So it’s important to get into the mindset of your preferred customer, think about it this way, if you sell Ferraris then it may get lots of hits to show videos of the cars in stunning locations looking great, but if all of these hits are from 14-year-old boys then you’re not going to sell many Ferraris, are you?

Think About Hiring A Marketing Agency

To help get these tricky aspects of getting your content noticed, and noticed by the correct audience it may be useful to consider the possibility of securing the services of a good marketing agency. Why would we do this? Well if you can afford it then a good marketing agency should always more than pay for itself. But the key is to get a good one, and how to assess this is fairly simple, ask for examples of previous work and as it’s marketing you can see who it was for and even contact their previous client to ask if they were happy with the company’s performance?

The Timing Of Posting Content Is Key

It’s good to make sure that content gets out at the right time and there are two main schools of thought on this, maybe it’s best to get out there and comment and post on something that’s trending and get in on the act, or perhaps it’s better to avoid the rush and make your posts at quieter times. Of course, it’s not as simple as that and who audience also comes into it and when they want to engage.

Choose The Right Platform For The Right Message

We know social media is important, but how do we know what platform to use for what message? It all depends on what you are posting, news and announcements are good on Twitter as it’s very instant, but offers and promotions perhaps work on a slower platform like Facebook.

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