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Your doorbell rings, but you’re not expecting any visitors. You peek through the blinds and out the window to see an unfamiliar face staring at your front door. He’s holding a folder and dressed in business attire. 

Great, it’s a salesperson. You tiptoe away and hope he didn’t see you peeking out at him.

Door-to-door marketing is a traditional way of selling a product or service. In today’s day and age, it isn’t the most successful way of making sales because let’s face it: people don’t want to open the door to strangers.

Now, a huge portion of marketing takes place online in the form of written content and video advertisements. With the number of people that have access to the internet, it’s easy to see why these new methods are so much more successful.

The best way to make the most of your online marketing strategies is to give the people what they want. 

Some marketing practices are not as successful as others because they focus too much on selling their product rather than drawing the interest of viewers. Potential customers do not want to be marketed to. They want to see your product or service in action and realize how it can help them.

Marketing might not be a simple task, but many companies have done it well. Here are 10 videos that provide great information on the various subsets of marketing. 


  • Introduction to Content Marketing – BuzzFeed


Content Marketing is an extremely important aspect of modern-day marketing. It defines your brand and a good strategy does more for you than you can imagine. 

Telling your product’s story in the right way is important to stress on. You have to make sure that your brand’s identity is managed well.

Strategically, content marketing is also used as a powerful tool to obtain positive results with search engines. Watch the video above featuring Keith Hernandez of Buzzfeed. He shares some insights that prove as a valuable introduction to new-school marketing. 


  • Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations – Whiteboard Friday


I like these Whiteboard Friday sessions with Moz. This particular video focuses on the challenges that come with B2B Marketing. 

In this video, the host Rand stresses the importance of analyzing your buyer’s persona. It is important to write content according to your buyer’s persona. 

So within B2B Marketing, content generation, placement, and marketing get more complex when compared to B2C. 

It is crucial to focus on the right metrics and create precise funnels through your content over the web. Watch the video to get a detailed account of the B2B Content Marketing process, and gain some great perspective. 


  • 13 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs – Buffer


Social Media Marketing is a major challenge for most of us. The competition is intense, and it’s hard to know where to start. This video by Buffer focuses on the importance of defining your goals. 

The host in the video touches on creating an open-ended community of customers and potential customers. This is important to build loyalty with existing customers. 

Your social media profiles represent your brand-voice and act as great funnels. Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter help with sharing all other content as well. 

            Watch the video to learn how to fully utilize these platforms, and share it with your marketing team. 


  • How to gain Instagram followers organically 2019 – Vanessa Lau


Instagram has evolved to be the #1 social platform when you look at conversions, no matter what you are directly selling. Whether you define your conversion as a product sale or app download, you have to have your  Instagram strategy on point. 

In this video, the host Vanessa Lau, explains various concepts to keep in mind to benefit from your Instagram account. Some of the concepts include changing your Instagram name for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and establishing trust with your clients or customers. 

She also shares tips on how to conduct hashtag research for engagements, and create a successful hashtag for your business. The video throws light on creating impressions and designing an impressive feed, so you gain followers from the first impression you make.

            Don’t take your Instagram account lightly, and dedicate time to make it a profitable medium for your business. 


  • 3 Ways to make your blog posts go viral – Neil Patel


As we discussed earlier, creating compelling content consistently is important. Apart from placing content all over the web, and your website, it is crucial to follow all strategies to increase viewership. 

This quick video by marketing whiz – Neil Patel, touches base on how to achieve virality for your content while reducing ad spends by focusing on content marketing. 

The content you put out there through your blog is a representation of your brand. Maintaining a blog that not only acts as a great marketing tool but also is a great resource for your customer base, is the way to go! 



  • How to Get Traffic from Press Releases – Hernan Vasquez 


Press Releases are an important aspect of marketing any business, and all-important business activity. It is important to be recognized by high-authority publications from the time you launch as well as on the go when you have important news to share. 

Getting featured in publications relative to your field is the best way to go, apart from distributing content to other widely known publications.

This video by Hernan Vasquez provides some great tips on driving traffic through press releases.



  • Why PR (Public Relations) is important for your business – Jerry Silfwer (TedX Talk)


Public Relations has a huge impact on your business. Like the name suggests it’s all about how you interact with your audience. 

            This process includes structuring your messaging and deciding on how you respond to your critics publically and personally.

           PR is about all forms of public communication including, managing your community and supporting social causes that are in tune with your brand. As a business, you have to continuously find ways to develop and grow your relationship with the world. 

In this particular Tedx talk, Jerry Silfwer breaks down the PR process and gives you gainful insight on creating a successful PR strategy. 



  • Video Marketing Strategies to Captivate the Modern Audience – Tom Ferry


           Video marketing is extremely essential to maximize conversions. In today’s day and age, a high-volume of video content needs to be generated for your business. 

           Keeping the high demand for video in mind, you also have to make sure you are only delivering high-quality content, which gives you more reach. 

           With technology constantly evolving, consistent video-marketing can be executed by having a small dedicated team to produce content. With both animation and regular filming in the mix, you have so many options to choose from in terms of the type of content you want to put out there. 

           Agencies are always an option, and a good agency knows how to maximize your ROI, which has to be taken into consideration before deciding on who to work with.

              In the video above Tom Ferry shares exciting tips on how you can capitalize on this dominating video market. 


  • Complete guide to SEO in 2019 – Income School


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about the strategy to achieve rankings on a search engine like Google which is most relevant to us in the United States. 

This includes the process of applying and competing for keywords, blogging in sync with your result-driven goals, backlinking strategy, and creating content that gets picked up by Google’s crawlers. 

           In recent times, SEO has become an extremely technical field, and it’s important to work with experts to achieve your optimization goals. The video above is a webinar recently conducted by Income School. 

          In the video, the hosts share various tips and tricks to rank well on Google. They also share industry experiences, and examples to give you some great ideas on how to go about your SEO strategy. 


  • Experiential Marketing is the Future of Advertising – Layne Braunstein (TedX talk)



             This is a very interesting talk by Layne Braunstein. He explains what experiential marketing is, and gives detailed accounts of his experiences with it. 

             Braunstein reminds us that while creating marketing strategies, the focus has to be on humans. Society has now evolved, and most brands are simply influenced by humans. This is important to understand. 

            Events are a great medium to execute experiential marketing plans. In this video, Braunstein gives examples of some marketing campaigns he worked on that involved extremely unique events. 

           The other tool used often for this breed of marketing is – technology. You’d be surprised by the innovative strategies a strong team can come up with to interact with a wide range of audiences through web and mobile devices. 

           Do watch this video to take a look at some modern-day marketing approaches led by Layne Braunstein to get some great perspective. 

The best way to create a successful marketing strategy is to appeal to the audience’s emotions as well as their wants. It is important to have an industry-specific marketing strategy to determine the tone of your content. Whether content makes them cry, laugh, cringe, or simply learn, it has to make them favor your brand. 

Before creating marketing content to increase your sales, keep in mind the steps you’ll need to take to reach success. It helps to take some time to assess where you currently are in your marketing strategies to make sure you have the resources to improve.

Don’t sell yourself short by not dedicating enough time or funds to creating and executing the best marketing practices.

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