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What is Twitter and why does it keep following me around?

Twitter Explained

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, "What are you doing?" by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or "followers."

The short format of the tweet is a defining characteristic of the service, allowing informal collaboration and quick information sharing that provides relief from rising email and IM fatigue. Twittering is also a less gated method of communication: you can share information with people that you wouldn't normally exchange email or IM messages with, opening up your circle of contacts to an ever-growing community of like-minded people.

You can send your messages using the Twitter website directly, as a single SMS alert, or via a third-party application such as Twirl, Snitter, or the Twitterfox add-on for Firefox. (See below for links to Twitter tools and applications.)

Your tweets are displayed on your profile page, on the home page of each of your followers, and in the Twitter public timeline (unless you disable this in your account settings.)

You can receive tweets by visiting the Twitter website, IM, SMS, RSS, email or via a third-party application.

For more information about what Twitter is all about, see:

Why Twitter is Useful

Twitter has many uses for both personal and business use. It's a great way to keep in touch with your friends and quickly broadcast information about where you are and what you're up to. For example, "I'm downtown and aching for some sushi. Anyone like to join me?"

For business, Twitter can be used to broadcast your company's latest news and blog posts, interact with your customers, or to enable easy internal collaboration and group communication.

To learn more about how you can make use of Twitter, see:

How to Use Twitter

Getting Started

Visit the Twitter website and click "Join for free" to create your account. Consider using your real name as your user name to help your friends find you more easily.

Once your account is created, login and click "Settings." From here, you can setup your account details, manage your password, register your mobile phone and IM account, configure how you receive Notices, upload your photo and customize your account's design.

Your Twitter page is located at twitter.com/your-username

Sending Messages

You can "tweet" from your Twitter page, your mobile phone, IM account, or via a third-party Twitter client.

  • From your Twitter page: S imply enter a message in the text field at the top of the page and click "Update."
  • From your mobile phone: Send an SMS message to 40404.
  • From your IM account: Send a message to either twitter@twitter.com (Jabber/GTalk) or TwitterIM (AOL).

Your tweet will be displayed to your followers, either on their Twitter page, mobile phone, or any other way they are setup to receive Twitter updates.

Following Other Twitter Users

Finding and adding friends to your "Twitterverse" is easy.

  • From the Twitter website: Login to your account, visit your friends' Twitter pages and click "Follow" underneath their photo. If your friend's account is public, you will immediately start seeing their tweets on your page, otherwise your friend will need to approve you before you can see their updates.
  • From your mobile phone or IM account: Send the command follow username.

See the Twitter website for a complete reference of Twitter Commands.

@Replies and Direct Messages

When you send a message with @username at the beginning, it's understood that your message is intended for that specific user, but all your followers can still see the tweet. Note that for the intended recipient to see your message on their home page, they must be following you, otherwise they will only see your message on the Replies tab.

To send a friend a private tweet, use the Direct command: d username message.

Learn more about using Twitter:

How to Network with Twitter

The following blog posts are aimed at bloggers and other professionals who would like to use Twitter for business.

Twitter In The News

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Ways your GPS can be distracting you while driving

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The evidence is clear, distracted driving is not only dangerous but can also be deadly. Each year in America, approximately 400,000 accidents involve driver’s that are distracted in one way or another. Taking your eye off the road for a mere three seconds is all it takes. Aside from phones, GPS (Global Positioning System) devices are quickly becoming another distraction behind the wheel. 

Roughly, 26 million households in the United States use GPS. Although use of a GPS is arguably safer than opening a road map while you’re in route to visit a loved one or a meeting with business litigation lawyers, many people don’t realize the potential danger they can cause. Here are ways your GPS can be distracting while driving. 

Listen Up

Programming your GPS while you’re driving can be equally as dangerous and texting, which is considered one of the leading causes of accidents. Many people set the voice command on the GPS to mute, turn up the radio, and rely on the screen for directions, which takes your focus off the road and onto the GPS. Turn down the radio and use the audio commands to be safer.

Wrong Way Down a One Way

GPS systems are helpful technology, but they’re not perfect. They sometimes can give you outdated or inaccurate information that can send you in the wrong direction. Other times, the satellite can experience communication errors that can cause interruptions or glitches. 

Many times, an outdated map can lead drivers the wrong way down a one-way street. That’s a quick track to heading to the office of these personal injury attorneys in Orange County. Don’t be overly confident or rely solely on your GPS to get you to your destination safely.

GPS Safety Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving 

With the two primary distractors and dangers out of the way, it helps to know what tips are out there to avoid distractions from your GPS. The following are simple tips to ensure your safety as well as others on the road. 

Properly Install and Program Before Driving

Always ensure that your smartphone or GPS system is properly and securely mounted in place before you start driving to keep it from dropping on the floor. When installing, place it at eye level close to your line of vision so you can keep your eyes on the road. Always program your destination before starting your journey, even if you’re in a hurry, as well. 

Don’t Rely Solely on Your GPS Device

Always familiarize yourself with the directions before you go. If you get off course or need to reprogram your GPS, always pull over in a safe location rather than trying to reprogram your GPS while you’re driving. Keep a map in your glovebox just in case your GPS fails, too. Better to be prepared than stranded without a signal and not know where to go.

Use Your Voice Commands

As mentioned before, you should always use the audio setting on your GPS. Not only will you be able to keep your eyes on the road, but the GPS most often gives you more of a notice when a change is coming to your course. If you’re traveling with a passenger, ask them to be in charge of the GPS so you can stick to driving. 

3 Tips For Gaining Followers on Social Media

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Although a website alone used to be enough for your business to market itself online, you now need more visibility. Social media is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your business.  Having a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter will ensure that you get the maximum amount of visibility possible. 


Rather than settling for a few followers, it’s in your best interest to get a buzz going as much as possible by gaining a loyal following. Here are some of the best-proven ways to gain followers on your social media page, and as a result, drive your sales.  


Post Regularly 


One of the single most important things that you can do to make sure that your efforts pay off is to post regularly. When you post regularly, you’ll start to build a loyal following that knows they can rely on you for content.  Consistently posting will build up engagement, unlike other pages who don’t post, who quickly lose their followers’ interest. 


In addition to posting regularly, it’s also important to remember the importance of what you post, not just when you post. By finding a balance between these two elements, you should be able to cast your net as wide as possible. Just remember that even though posting regularly is important, you shouldn’t post too much. The last thing you want is to overwhelm your followers and leave them annoyed. 




It’s easy to post content and expect replies; however, it shows more effort when you take the opportunity to reply to each comment that your followers leave. Get to know them one on one and engage with them on a personal level. 


People will start to build trust and friendship with your brand, making it something that people feel a connection with. If someone writes you a message, make sure that you take the time to truly reply and get to know what it is that they’re trying to say. 


Use a Third-Party Scheduling App 


One of the best ways to make sure that your followers see your posts and stay interested is to make sure that you’re posting at the right time of the day. Your posts should be during times when you know people are online. 


Third-party apps are able to post for you when the most amount of followers are likely to engage. The more people that engage with your post, the more that the algorithm of social media platforms will show it to other people.  


It’s all a numbers game when it comes to building your brand online. The more loyal followers that you can build, the more that your business will grow and profit. 

Tips For Marketing Your Gun Store Online

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You might think that marketing your gun business online is just like any other digital marketing effort, but the nature of guns makes it a little more challenging for gun operations to make an impact online.

Some of the most popular social media websites have some very specific rules regarding the presentation of firearms, making it a little more difficult for gun sellers to make an impression on certain mediums.

However, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get your gun business out there on the web. Take a moment to read through a few tips for marketing your gun store online, and start making digital connections today.

Invest in the integration of proper SEO

Marketing your gun store online will take some strategic design. You need to make your pages appealing to Google’s search engine, and SEO will teach you how to tackle that goal.

Search engine optimization will teach you how to create digital marketing content that ranks well in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and ranking well in the SERPs means that your content will be first in line when users search relevant keywords or phrases.

Setup some automated email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools a gun store owner can utilize to draw in business. Just don’t fall into the snare of sending out a one-size-fits-all newsletter. It’s more effective to personalize your approach to email marketing.

It may seem like a tall order, but there are plenty of software assistants to help your business setup automated and personalized email disbursal. Find an email marketing application that will fit the needs of your business today.

Social media marketing is still possible

Though Facebook has certain roadblocks in place for matters involving firearms, there are still ways your business can utilize the platform for marketing. There is no ban against organic shares or posts. Build your social media profile, and fill it with highly shareable information.

Build quality content through a blog

Content is an important aspect of digital marketing. When you have more quality content, you have more of a chance to catch the attention of passing users.

Build a blog that is well-written, and post entries that teach readers something interesting about your business or the industry in general. Give readers a reason to come back for more.

Aim your digital content towards mobile users

Throughout your entire digital marketing campaign, you need to make mobile optimization a standard. Mobile users are the majority online today, so your content should be created to cater to the versatility of mobile access to the web. Make it easy for mobile users to view and manipulate your pages.

The Next Steps To Get Your Digital Marketing Plan Accelerating Forward

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So you’ve decided that creating a great digital marketing plan is the best idea for your business to reap the benefits of digital transformation. However, turning that plan Into a reality is something of a different matter. Because the fact is, having a plan is great, but implementing it and benchmarking it against other possible routes of promotion and advertising are critical steps to making sure that your company made the appropriate professional and financial decisions.

So consider the steps that might get your digital marketing plan accelerating forward. First, if you aren’t already a specialist in the field, consider hiring a consulting service. You can get a lot of great advice and an incredible return on your investment if you hire the right people. You can also dive into the sales funnel. Research it and understand it so that you know why digital marketing is important in the first place if you’re trying to turn touchpoints into paying customers. And lastly, it’s important that you recognize how businesses are adapting to new supply chain issues. If you can figure out how to apply digital marketing to your recovery plan, then you’ll be one step ahead of the game. 

Hire a Consulting Service

Whenever you’re trying to do something complicated and important, hiring a consulting service is one way to approach your desired goal. For example, you could hire Path Digital Services & Consulting as a direct method for improving your digital marketing plan. A short conversation can save you hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses. It’s all about finding the right company to point you in the direction that makes the most sense in context. 

Dive Into the Funnel

You probably already recognize the importance of the overall sales funnels for your company. The next thing to do is research further into that idea so that you know where digital marketing fits in. The way that promotions and advertisements work has changed dramatically in recent years, so staying ahead of the curve is specifically important these days. Your digital marketing plan can essentially be the top of the funnel that turns clicks into customers. 

Recognizing How Businesses Are Adapting To New Supply Chain Issues

Right now, the worldwide business landscape is changing. If there was already a digital transformation taking place, now it has been accelerated exponentially upward. If you look at how companies are dealing with the pandemic regarding sales plans, you will see a lot of uncertainty. Don’t let your brand fall into this trap. Move forward into this new normal with techniques that will engage and delight your customers, and you should have no problem fitting into the current climate. 

General Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business

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If you’re not really up to date on the world of digital marketing, now is as good a time as any to start learning.  Digital marketing is the future of marketing, and your business won’t have much of a chance to survive long-term without the benefits of digital marketing.  

So where do you begin learning what is essentially another language?  Take some time to read through a brief compilation of a few general digital marketing tips for your business, and start planning your next move today.  

Build an excellent business website

Your business website is your first line of connection with the digital population.  The build of your business website will make the difference between relevance and irrelevance online.  

Make sure you truly understand the basic elements of a well-built website, and work regularly to keep your pages up to date.  You can do a lot with a whole website, so make the most of the digital real estate.  

Learn the ins and outs of SEO

Google’s search engine is the directory of the web.  Search engine optimization teaches you how to design content that will rank at the top of the results pages when users search terms that relate to your operation.  

The most important part of identifying your digital content is designing with relevant keywords and phrases in mind.  For instance, this website selling bear-resistant garbage cans of all types uses the words “bear-resistant”, “garbage”, “trash” and “bin” several times on just one page of their site.  

Hop aboard the social media bandwagon

Social media is a heavily populated space online, and your marketing efforts will be well-served by such a large outlet to consumers.  Setup a profile for your business on just a couple of social media platforms, and work to maintain your presence on those sites.  

Your social media presence should always be relevant and fresh with new content.  Offer special deals for loyal followers, and don’t be afraid to run a giveaway on occasion to stir up interest.  

Work to create email connections

Email connections are another great way to stay relevant in the minds of consumers.  You can use your business website, social media presence, blog posts, and other online stations to grant users an opt-in opportunity for your mailing list.  

Your business should also gather email connections from customers, so you have the opportunity to reconnect with individuals later on down the line.  

Build everything to suit mobile users

Mobile access is the first choice of millions of users online.  Designing your digital content to meet the needs of mobile users gives your business the flexibility to appeal to a much wider digital audience.  Place mobile optimization at the top of the list in every digital marketing effort.