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What the Trend says it is “The front page of the real-time web.”

If you want to discover the current trends on Twitter, and the reason they are trending, What the Trend tells you what and why.

Two types of messages drive What The Trend – short phrases and hashtags.

The site gets its trending information using the twitter API, then What The Trend members pitch in, to say why they think the items are interesting, providing a short description of it. Then, What The Trend staff moderate the descriptions and send them back out in their own feed. That feed runs on many other sites, including Twitter.

Tweeternet will keep an eye on it and it we think it is valuable, we may decide to run it at Tweeternet too.

The current top 10 things trending, as I write this are:

Currently Trending on Twitter, According To What The Trend

  • Katie Couric
  • #sincewebeinghonest people are being honest.
  • #thingsthatpissmeoff people disrespecting my personal space.
  • #iLoveWhen Things, people or activities you love.
  • NHS NHS patients able to get free treatment almost anywhere they want – public or private – under radical reforms unveiled.
  • TAYLOR WON Taylor Swift wins ACMA Entertainer of the Year.
  • Pet Shop Boys The Pet Shop Boys will support Take That on their upcoming Progress Live tour.
  • Kate Bush Singer Kate Bush says she is ‘likely’ to release new music this year.
  • Alan Titchmarsh One Direction are going to be on the show 3/4pm tonight.
  • Martin Luther King The third Monday in January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, a national holiday remembering the famous Baptist preacher and civil rights pioneer.
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